Fireplace & Stove Installation Services in Grand Falls & Surrounding Areas

an electric fireplace set into the wall of the dining room in a bright modern home

Crystal Fireplaces works with clients throughout New Brunswick to help them purchase and install their dream fireplaces.

a traditional iron fireplace set into a stone hearth in a rustic home

Wood Burning

With our large selection of designs, Crystal Fireplaces will help you choose the wood burning fireplace or stove that suits your needs.

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a lit wood-burning stove in front of a white brick wall


Pellet stoves can be both eco-friendly and budget-friendly. They provide high efficiency and clean burning heat. Crystal Fireplaces has a wide variety of pellet stove options for your every need.

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a bright furnished living room with a lit fireplace between two archways leading to other rooms


Propane fireplaces and stoves offer convenience and high-efficiency heat. With the ability to start the fire right at your fingertips, they require minimal maintenance. Crystal Fireplace’s team of industry experts will help you from selection to installation.

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an electric fireplace inset into the wall of a modern living room


Electric fireplaces are extremely versatile, and have the ability to be installed in almost any space. They can be used year round with or without heat. Crystal Fireplaces offers a wide selection of modern electric fireplaces with realistic flames that can be seen during the day and at night.

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Expert installation and services for fireplaces and barbecues.